How much is my water consumption?

You can calculate your water consumption by taking into account your Present Reading and your Previous Reading. Your Present Reading can be found on your water meter. This is basically the numbers in black. Subtract your Previous Reading from this and the difference will be your Present Consumption in cubic meters. Please refer to this infographic for more detailed info.

What should I know about my water bill?

A. When paying your water bill on or before the due date, please refer to the amount reflected under “Total Charges.”

B. For Water Bill Payment after the due date, please pay the amount reflected in the “Total Amount Due”. This total amount includes the 10% Penalty Charge.

C. When paying a MKWD Office, present the concessionaire’s copy of the water bill to the Teller. An official receipt signed by Cashier/Teller will be issued for payment of water bills and other payments. Acceptance of WB payments closes at 4:00 P.M at MKWD office.

When are penalty charges applied? What about interest?

Concessionaires are given ten (10) days gracei including Saturday/Sunday to pay for water consumption as the current water bill. If the current water bill is not paid on or before the due date, a 10% penalty charge will be added.

If the current water bill is not paid on or before the due date, a 10% Penalty Charge will be added. The water service connection may be disconnected without further notice if the current water bill remained unpaid five(5) days after the due date.

What happens to inactive connections?

Connections that have been inactive for one (1) year, whether the account is paid or unpaid, will be automatically forfeited to the Metro Kalibo Water District. In the case of inactive connections with pending reconnection applications, the following shall hold true:

  • Preference shall be given to the previous owner.
  • Existing accounts shall be properly settled or negotiated pursuant to existing Metro Kalibo Water District policies.

What are illegal connections?

Stealing water, illegal tapping, water meter tampering, unauthorized use of fire hydrant, and all other illegal acts involving water service connections are punishable by imprisonment for a minimum of six (6) months and one (1) day and a maximum of two (2) years, or by a fine ranging from P2,000.00 to P6,000.00, or both, per PD No. 401 and RA 8041 (Water Crisis Act of 1995).

Fifty percent (50%) of the collected penalty is awarded to the informant. Please call the Metro Kalibo Water District General Manager for this matter at Tel. no 268-4200. Information received will be treated as confidential.

How are water connections maintained and repaired?

Prior to the installation of a water meter, repair and maintenance of the service line before the meter will be carried out by the Metro Kalibo Water District authorized personnel. After a meter is installed, however, repair and maintenance will become the concessionaire’s responsibility. Metro Kalibo Water District may perform repair and maintenance upon request of the concessionaire; however, necessary pipes and fittings, including labor cost, will be charged to the concessionaire.

How are leakages checked and what are services employed?

A leakage is presumed when a water meter is running or when the indicator is rotating despite all faucets and taps closed. This results in high consumption. It is advisable to immediately hire a plumber to inspect/check your in-house plumbing fixtures to avoid paying for water wastage.

What if I need other services and further assistance?

For any complaints, questions, and requests for assistance, please call the Metro Kalibo Water District Hotlines. We’re available to talk 24/7.

145 Pantelco

1620 Cruztelco

0909-993-5218 Smart Cellphone Number

What are your policies on water meters?

The following is the Metro Kalibo Water District’s policy on water meters as approved per Board Resolution No. 078 dated December 13, 2004, and Board Resolution No. 056, s. 2007 dated July 27, 2007, & No. 110, s.2008 (09) dated September 4, 2008:

  •  A maintenance fee of P20.00 per month for water meters shall be charged to concessionaires effective January 2021.
  • All water meters installed five years and over must be pulled-out and shall be subjected to efficiency testing.
  • Inefficient water meter due to under/over registering and stuck-up shall be subject to replacement by the Metro Kalibo Water District at no cost to concessionaires.
  • Water meters within the tolerable efficiency tests (within 4% accuracy test result) will be utilized for a new connection with corresponding rental fees while defective water meters shall be replaced with calibrated water meters.
  • A service water meter shall be provided by the Metro Kalibo Water District in case a water meter is pulled-out for testing.
  • Pulled-out/disconnected water meter due to delinquency, illegal connection, and tampering shall be properly turned-over to the owner upon settlement of all accounts. In case of reconnection, the concessionaire shall pay a non-refundable calibration fee prescribed by the Metro Kalibo Water District.
  • Repair & replacement of water meter/parts (due to normal wear & tear) shall be at no cost to the concessionaire except when the water meter is damaged due to tampering, intentional causes, and/or negligence by the concessionaire. In case the water meter is lost due to theft, the concessionaire shall report the incident to the nearest police station within 24 hours from the incident and secure a blotter report for submission to the Metro Kalibo Water District Office for record purposes and replacement of the service meter. In case the water meter is owned by the concessionaire, a police blotter report is still required by the Metro Kalibo Water District and the replacement of the service meter shall be at the option of the concessionaire whether to rent or purchase said water meter.
  • In the event that damage to the water meter is due to force majeure or accident (such as when bumped by a vehicle or similar cases), maintenance and cost of water meter/parts shall not be charged to the concessionaire, provided that he/she provides a police blotter report within 24 hours from the date of the accident to show proof of his effort to protect the property such as identification/apprehension of person/persons who caused damage to property.
  • Water meters will be calibrated at least every five (5) years or as necessary.

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