MKWD’s Organizational Overview

Organizational Chart CY 2020 - Organizational Overview

Organizational Overview

Office of the General Manager

  1. Sets organizational goals and objectives
  2. Execute over-all and general supervision of the operation of the MKWD
  3. Execute policies formulated by the Board of Directors

Administrative Services Division

General Administration/Management of Company Assets

  • In-charge of and performs the repair and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, building and other structures including electrical and plumbing services
  • Responsible for monitoring and processing the documentary requirements for land title, payment of land taxes, and insurance premiums on properties and vehicles including annual LTO registration, employee’s fidelity bond and the like
  • Responsible for receipts and issuance of property and equipment, materials and supplies


  • Responsible for facilitating the procurement of supplies/materials, etc. of the agency

Human Resource Management

  • Responsible for the personnel selection and recruitment of the district’s human resources requirements and custody of personnel 201 files
  • Responsible for human resource development and training

Records Management

  • Storage/archival of company records and files as well as disposal of which in accordance with records retention policy

Finance Services Division

Cash and Fund Management

  • Responsible for proper disbursement of agency’s fund adoption of proper accounting and auditing system and practices and compliance with legal and corporate guidelines
  • Responsible for withholding of all personnel and agency’s statutory obligations and remit the same to agencies concerned
  • Responsible for preparation of payroll and other benefits of all employees and officials and facilitate payment for all transactions of the district
  • Remittance of payment for water district obligations
  • Collection of receivables
  • Deposit and investment of cash
  • Monitoring cash flow

Budgets and Financial Forecasting

  • Budget preparation/consolidation
  • Budget monitoring

Financial Statements Preparation and Reporting

  • Accounting/bookkeeping of water district financial transactions
  • Preparation, generation of financial statements and other reports
  • Maintaining records of properties, inventories, and other assets

Commercial Services Division

Marketing/Sales of Products/Services of the Water District

  • Make promotions of MKWD services
  • Conduct market study on proposed and new service area

New Accounts (Concessionaires’) Processing

  • Process application for New Water Service Connection and Reconnection, renewal of contracts

Customer (Concessionaire) Relations and Services

  • Prepare service requests for reconnection, relocation, elevation of water meter, change meter, inspection of service connections for varied purposes, etc.
  • Conduct inspection/investigation for new connections, reconnections, high/low consumption, stuck-up/inverted/damage/lost water meter, reclassification of connections, probable illegal connections, negative reading, leakages, etc.
  • Accept application/renewal of Senior Citizen’s Discount

Meter Reading and Billing of Accounts

  • Conduct monthly reading of water meters and deliver billing notices to concessionaires
  • Bill concessionaries for their consumption

Disconnection and Reconnection of Accounts

  • Implement disconnection policy

Accounts Receivable Monitoring

  • Monitor past due accounts and follow-up collections thereof

Water Resources Division

Water Generation and Distribution

  • Identification and development/drilling of water source
  • Operation and maintenance of pumping stations
  • Maintaining desired water pressure level in all distribution lines
  • Monitoring pumping equipments/ machineries performance and perform maintenance checks

Quality Control an Assurance

  • Responsible for water treatment, disinfection, water quality control
  • Periodically submits water samples for laboratory testing required by the Department of Health on potable water
  • Perform regular flushing of distributions lines

Environmental and Watershed

  • Coordinates with DENR for the Watershed Rehabilitation Project being undertaken by the water district in agreement with said government agency

Planning/Design & Construction Division

Planning and Design

  • Responsible for planning and development of program related to water distribution system and network by using commercial and in-house computer-aided engineering software (i.e., EPAnet, Innovyze HW20Net Analyzer/WATERGEMS/etc.)
  • Responsible for establishing and adopting of optimum design, preparation of technical specifications, estimate and program of work
  • Responsible for establishing technical standard and in-house construction software development that may be applicable/adaptable to the needs of the agency
  • Responsible for the preparation, generation of all plans, records and documentation relative to the water distribution network system


  • Responsible for the prioritization and construction of approved projects, except maintenance projects under the Maintenance Division
  • Responsible for the prompt installation of New Water Service Connection in accordance with the technical standards set by the agency

Maintenance Division

Repairs and Maintenance of Transmission, Distribution, Service Laterals, and Water Service Connection Pipelines

Predictive and preventive maintenance including immediate repair of the following:

  • Transmission, distributions, service lateral and water service connection pipelines and appurtenances such as hydrants, blow-off valves, gate valves, air release valves, etc.
  • Restored grounds and other affected structures during construction, repair and maintenance works
  • Upgrading of deteriorated and undersized pipelines
  • Installation of water service laterals

Water Meter Calibration and Maintenance

  • Keeping record and performing periodic calibration and maintenance of installed water meters of concessionaries every 5-year cycle

Monitoring Distribution Pipeline Network

  • Keep and update computerized maintenance records of water service connections, isolation valves, hydrants and blow-offs
  • Perform periodic inspection of the distribution pipelines to ensure there is no leakage and lessen NRW

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