Metro Kalibo Water District Fabulous at 42

On this coming September 28, 2018; Metro Kalibo Water District will be celebrating it’s 42nd Foundation Day. This is a special day when the entire company has a chance to reflect not only the beginnings of the institution and its founders, but also on the significant development since its inception.

A special night is set aside to celebrate our history and revisit and reconnect with the continuing journey of the company. We celebrate that we have worked hard for another year of maintaining good service to the people. We celebrate the joy of learning as we develop not only in mind; but also the body as there was a month long sports fest held that will be culminated on the same night.

The bond that we share with the people that make up the company, from the workforce to the board of directors, will be strengthened on this night of dancing and gastronomic treats.  This occasion will be unique due to the masquerade theme that was planned to add mystery.

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