To our concessionares in Barangays Estancia, Nalook, Tigayon, Kalibo, and adjoining barangays you will experience drop in system pressure effectively March 29 up to March 31, 2019.


This is in connection to the Construction and Maintenance Division temporarily shutting off of 1,000 cu.m Estancia Reservoir for the installation of 250mm∅ (10”) Altitude Control and Pressure Sustaining Valve at the intake pipe of the reservoir. The said valve is a state of the art device aimed to improve the district system pressure. Once operational, the device will regulate the opening of the intake pipe during the fill-in.  Thereby maintaining the upstream pressure and will automatically shut off reservoir is full. The intake valve will only open -repeating the cycle- when the reservoir is empty.


Concessionaires may experience TURBID or LOW WATER PRESSURE during this time. Normal operation will resume after completion of the said activity.

For inquiries and other concerns, please call our hotlines at 145 (PANTELCO) and 1620 (CRUZTELCO).

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