PICPA-Aklan holds Tree-Planting Activity at Galicia Watershed

Kalibo, Aklan, July 18, 2014 (MKWD) – Last Saturday, July 12, the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Aklan (PICPA-Aklan) braved the waters of the Aklan River to hold a tree-planting activity at the Galicia Watershed in Galicia, Madalag, Aklan.

The General Manager of the Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD), Edgar T. Isada, CPA, is a member of the prestigious organization. The MKWD’s Administrative Division Manager, Allyn L. Badilles, CPA, and Officer-in-Charge of MKWD’s Finance Division, Mary Ann T. Dagohoy, CPA, are also members of PICPA-Aklan. All three were present during the tree-planting activity.

The OGM/MIS Team of MKWD, led by Frederick N. Buenavidez, was on-board to supervise and document the event.


PICPA at Galicia Watershed


The Galicia Watershed has a 150-hectare land area that was designated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources through a Memorandum of Agreement with the MKWD. The area comprises 5% of the Aklan River forest reserve, which heavily contributes to the agricultural productivity, tourism industry and domestic needs of the province. The project has already covered 82.5 hectares, with 67.5 hectares left to be taken care of in the next three years.

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