MKWD Tree Planting Activity’s second run a success, two more runs planned

Galicia Watershed Development Project

Kalibo, Aklan, May 05, 2014 (MKWD) – Around 30 Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD) employees made a splash last Saturday, May 3, when they set out for the municipality of Madalag, Aklan, to participate in the MKWD Tree Planting Activity at the Galicia Watershed.

The first batch of MKWD employees visited the watershed last March 15, with employees hailing from the Office of the General Manager, the Office of the Board of Directors, and the Commercial Division, among others. This time around, the volunteers were primarily from the Maintenance Division and the Production Division. As with the first batch, the number of participating employees reached around 30.

Two more runs are seen to occur later this month.

The watershed project has a 150-hectare land area designated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources through a Memorandum of Agreement with the MKWD. It comprises 5% of the Aklan River forest reserve, which heavily contributes to the agricultural productivity, tourism industry and domestic needs of the province. The project has already covered 82.5 hectares, with 67.5 hectares left to be taken care of in the next three years.

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