MKWD to launch Gender and Development Program

Galicia Watershed Development Project

Kalibo, Aklan, May 07, 2014 (MKWD) – The Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD), in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, launched its Gender and Development Program through its Tree Planting and Vegetable Production Activities.

The program highlights the company’s Tree Planting Activity at the Galicia Watershed, MKWD’s flagship project on the heels of its corporate social responsibility. The Tree Planting Activity’s first run was concluded last March 15 while its second run was concluded just recently, on May 3. Two more runs are expected to occur later this month.

Also incorporated in the program are lectures and training on vegetable farming as a supplemental source of income for the women of Galicia as well as for MKWD employees. These are set to begin on May 14.

This aims to promote social awareness on the value and sustainability of water, watersheds, and other related environmental concerns as well as to further the standard of living of the participating community through vegetable farming.

The program will be supervised by in-house forester Christy P. Dagui and press relations officer Frederick M. Buenavidez, both in the service of the Office of the General Manager, Management Information System.

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