MKWD Conducts Fire Drill in Andagao, Through BFP Aklan

Fire Drill E

KALIBO, AKLAN (MKWD) – Last Friday, November 28, 2014, the Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD), in coordination with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Kalibo, held a Fire Drill at the MKWD Administrative Building at Jaime Cardinal Sin Avenue, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan.

The activity began with a lecture at 1:00 PM before proceeding to a simulation and demo at 3:00 PM. The lecture gave the MKWD employees insights on such topics as the different classes of fire and what to do during fire emergencies.

Fire Drill C

Through the fire simulation, the participants were introduced to the fire emergency exit plans of the MKWD Administrative Building, with employees oriented on accessibility and utilization of fire exits and proper attitude during fire emergencies. Some employees bravely took on the aforementioned exits, climbing down ladders from the first to the third floors with relative ease. Nearby, the neighbouring hotel and restaurant was forewarned of the drill to avoid unnecessary panic.

After everyone made their exit from the simulated burning building, a demo on the proper usage of fire extinguishers was held on the grounds behind the MKWD Administrative Building. An empty metal bin was filled with water and gasoline before it was lit up numerous times to accommodate individuals who wanted to practice using the available fire extinguishers.

Fire Drill A

The BFP’s F01 Andri Von T. Rowan, PIO, was on hand to give the lecture and facilitate the fire simulation and demo of the fire extinguisher. F01 Menchie D. Alba, Assessor/FSI, also of the BFP, was also present to assist F01 Rowan.

Fire Drill B

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